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haha gio coi lai may cai art cua kuro nhin rat la dep, minh luon thix traditional drawing and still do now but it still amaze me, im not on that kind of level yet. PS: sorry nha mix giua Vn and english :p. Anyway, chuc cac be trang va nho vui ve and keep up the good work >w<. doc lai nhung art truoc day cua kuro nhin rat la vui *drooling*
kuroneko2512 kuroneko2512 Said:

Thank you so much!

Cám ơn bạn nhiều. Mình rất vui vì bạn đã thích tranh của mình. Dạo này bị nghiền digital hơn nhưng mình vẫn trung thành với traditional mà. Mình sẽ sớm quay lại với traditional thôi :) I will try my best!

we will never forget that day…

My friends Meongu and Meodualeo made collap drawing my OCs. ;__;”

wanna give them a squeeze ;q;

more scenes in the new AMV…

Drawing katana is a pleasure =w=

coloring an old sk

and the story begins…

spoil :v just because I want to draw the dark-side of Arashi ._….


hot weather makes my brain slower…. 

Suddenly I found these from my computer… My old watercolor artworks from 4 years ago ._. I have no idea why I could be that patient to draw that detailed. I swear now I can’t do that anymore… 

sketches in midnight :3

Arashi’s childhood - WIP =w=”

I abandoned this wip for a while so now the paper is like a heck ._.”

more rough sketches ;3;