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Arashi, Rai and Maki - these days I love drawing this trio =ↀωↀ=

(oh god I need to draw Kyo, Shira and Mei - the main chars more instead . .”)

some old arts and quick doodles of Arashi’s group… 

Why is Arashi becoming cuter and curer??? >__>”“”“”

Bad Cross AMV - Parody of Bad Apple :P

Watch the AMV here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=32rcS9FH5OY

I realized that the way they smile is mostly the same every time o_o”…

oh…. ;_;

quick doodle


well you can see how gross my sketch is.

sketch sneakily in class =w=

Collaps from my friends, they colored my lineart. Arashi now and 10 years later (?!) Oh god asfdghjkl \\\;w;///////

coming soon…

we will never forget that day…

My friends Meongu and Meodualeo made collap drawing my OCs. ;__;”

wanna give them a squeeze ;q;

more scenes in the new AMV…

Drawing katana is a pleasure =w=

coloring an old sk