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we will never forget that day…

some sketches in spring break ~ =3=

long time no scene of Kash and Kyo =w= ~

Tsukeru and Kash was saying ‘pervert’ things so Shira was very angry and trying to pull Kyo away from those guys…  ~

small part of a abandoned omake =3=” I am too lazy to translate ~

Rough sketch in the break… -v-”

Rough sketch in the break… -v-”

rarely draw them together… =v=”

coming soon… =v=


Kash and Gebera - childhood again ;__;

Gebera and Kash :x - childhood

Some of lucky money envelopes for my friends :D They are handmade stuffs :P

Wonder why I choose Kash for all of these envelopes’s cover? Because Kash=Cash=Money. Yes!

Kash in mischievous-looking? er I dunno…

Kash in mischievous-looking? er I dunno…

Hey Sain, don’t pamper Kyo too much … :I