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I realized that the way they smile is mostly the same every time o_o”…

My friends Meongu and Meodualeo made collap drawing my OCs. ;__;”

wanna give them a squeeze ;q;

coloring an old sk

and the story begins…

Girls are strong =w=

quick doodle in midnight. A scene in Kyo’s past story

Summer is coming =w=”

Let’s smile ~ :D

some sketches in spring break ~ =3=

long time no scene of Kash and Kyo =w= ~

It has been a while I didn’t watercolor my babies so I feel so weird~

My Kyo in f-wd ‘s style >3< 

I can stare at this all day asdfghjkkl

some Kyo sketches ~

coloring a very old pic =3= ~

Btw, happy belated birthday my beloved Kyo ~ :x

Sometimes I feel like I’m out of this world…

waiting for someone who realize me…