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My friends Meongu and Meodualeo made collap drawing my OCs. ;__;”

wanna give them a squeeze ;q;

Girls are strong =w=

Summer is coming =w=”

some Shira fanarts from my friend Meodualeo =w=

I can’t tell how happy I was ////

It has been a while I didn’t watercolor my babies so I feel so weird~

Shiratoru by my friend Meodualeo ~ Damn! Stop taking my (nose)blood …

an AMV for my friend Meodualeo’s birthday XD

Sometimes I feel like I’m out of this world…

waiting for someone who realize me…

coming-and-going sky 

just because I need a shine in my heart ~

暑い! 秋は早くなって欲しいいい~ _(:3_/Z)_

wheeeeeeeee though this Shira’s expression will never exist, I still love it :v

by Meodualeo ~

"This world is cruel and dark as a bad dream, but you must live strong and never stop fighting…"

Kyo and Shira ~ by my friend Meodualeo >3< /

Tsukeru and Kash was saying ‘pervert’ things so Shira was very angry and trying to pull Kyo away from those guys…  ~

doodle with SAI